The portal was created in June 2004, as part of the CAREWIB project (Central Asia Regional Water Information Base), with financial support from the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC).

The purpose of the CAWater-Info website is to provide information on water and environmental issues. sectors of the Central Asian region. The portal contains a large amount of operational data related to both the hydrological and ecological situation in the region, while the use of the site is carried out at an intuitive level due to a simplified scheme of data systematization.

In addition to the actual information, the site contains such resources as:

  • news feed, updated as key events arrive,
  • an event calendar containing information about future events related to the theme of the site,
  • a forum where you can discuss various topics with the user The roles of the portal in question,
  • a catalog of water and environmental sites,
  • a database, including: BVI data; addresses of water management and environmental organizations of Central Asia (including NGOs); brief information about the countries of the Aral Sea basin,
  • a knowledge base consisting of an electronic library, publications of the month, newspapers and magazines in Central Asia, a photo library,
  • thematic knowledge bases;
  • Glossary;
  • Bibliographic database
  • information about the basins: the Aral Sea, Amudarya, Syrdarya;
  • water resources of Afghanistan, etc.