1. The National Committee for Hydrometeorology under the Cabinet of Ministers of Turkmenistan (hereinafter referred to as the Turkmenhydromet) is a government body that implements state policies in the field of hydrometeorology and ensures that the needs of the sectors of the national economy, defense complex and population of Turkmenistan are met with information on actual and expected changes in hydrometeorological conditions and their negative consequences.

3. The main tasks of the Turkmenhydromet are:
providing ministries, departments, public organizations and the population with hydrometeorological information, as well as information on solar activity;
making forecasts of hydrometeorological phenomena, water availability, favorable periods of sowing from crops, taking into account the state of the environment, productivity and gross harvest of the main types of crops, providing these data to state and public organizations;
conducting applied research in the field of natural and technical sciences, introducing advanced high-tech technologies;
ensuring, in accordance with the concluded interstate agreements, interactions in the field of hydrometeorology and the implementation of scientific and technical cooperation: regular exchange of hydrometeorological information, including during natural disasters, a unified methodology of hydrometeorological observations, coordinated technology for collecting and disseminating hydrometeorological information;
ensuring coordinated work in the network; Fulfillment of international obligations and interactions with the World Meteorological Organization;
fully ensuring the implementation of the laws of Turkmenistan, the implementation of relevant work to implement state plans and projects;
ensuring labor protection, control over the creation and implementation of normal working conditions;